Understanding the functioning of an entity as vast as the Oceans can be tedious and time-consuming. The purpose of this section is to present the general concepts of oceanography in a simple and concise manner. Each article is less than 5 minutes reading long and will give you a lot of insights about our marvelous marine environment.

Enjoy the read!


I- Oceanic currents

Did you believe that except waves and tides, oceans are still? Don't be fooled, they are tremendously moving! Read this article and learn how and why they are moving so much!

II- Primary production

What if I told you that the air that you breath comes mostly from tiny oceanic algae? That these play a major role in the capture of the carbon dioxide that we produce by burning fossil fuels?

III- Marine food web

How the ocean can feed animals as big as Tunas or whales? How all their needs are provided by microscopic algae?

IV- The microbial loop

Bacteria represent more than half the living mass on Earth. But what is their role in the Ocean?

V- C02 sequestration

Oceans are the second largest carbon dioxide sink. How do they store this greenhouse gas and where?